Career in an hotel - why not?

The hotel business is a wide field of work. There are so many interesting working possibilites as well as varietes of career paths. Take a look at the work in an hotel and the possibilites you will have afterwards!

Gladly with us!
  • At the reception where you have the most guest contact and are the first point for guests to come for wishes and complaints
  • In the reservation team in which you process inquiries, send offers and conduct contract negotiations
  • In the housekeeping where it’s all about cleanliness and beauty, so the guests will feel better than at home
  • In the service team, whether it is the breakfast in the morning or the bar in the evening, where you will always work with a smile and infect the guests with your good modd

It does not matter in what point you identify yourself the most. We are always open for applications for anything.

Since we are not a big hotel and have quite a small team our working atmosphere is familiar. We try our best everyday so the guests have a wonderful stay at our property and we are always there for them with a geniune smile. Even though there are challenges everyday we always keep a cool head. The main thing is that you do what you love and that is something we do everyday.

Whether you were a trainee in your previous job or you are a career changer or you think about taking a new challenge:

We are excited for the experiences you will bring into our team! We will be very pleased to meet you!

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